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Also this year the winter break finally comes to an end. The competition of last October in Tàllya, scored the last stage of a season once again beautiful and exciting, played and uncertain until the last. For the books, the TOY 2017 ranking was won by the strong english team Bunch of Swines, managing to recover the first position lost on the last day in the previous season to the advantage of the equally good dutch team iQ. But we will remember this 2017 for having been a season that has brought incredible results to Italian teams, probably exceeding any rosy expectations. This time to play the first position until the last day there were the Bros Hog, the Italian teams took home 6 Grand Champions against the two of 2016, In the top ten positions of the final ranking TOY this year there are 3 Italian teams, who took home a first and second place in two category final classifications. This year, in short, we made ourselves noticed and of course with this, expectations grow for the upcoming season: will we be able to repeat or even improve?

If you remember our presentation post for the calendar 2017, we were talking about a transition season, in which some historical competitions would not have been confirmed to leave room for new appointments yet to be discovered. Today, 12 months later, we can say that we have witnessed a truly positive year, certainly of evolution, in which not only all the new events proved to be a great organizational and public success but they also confirmed their presence on the 2018 calendar, recalling in turn new interest and new appointments in a new escalation still to be deciphered. In addiction, this year the distribution of the dates will be much more homogeneous than the past seasons, there will be luckily less overlap and there will not be the classic gap between the West and the first competition of the real season that in the past started around April, but in fact there will be a non-stop from January to October. Another interesting novelty of the season is the introduction of the double date on the same weekend, already adopted by two competitions, in addition to the Brew’n’Q that first proposed this formula in Europe in 2017. It will be exciting and interesting to be part of all this once again.

As happened last year, we propose this post as an aid to all the young and old teams, to the judges and all the fans for the organization of their season, offering the calendar of the 2018 today confirmed or in confirmation competitions. For all those who are approaching for the first time in this world, we recommend to read in advance our post dedicated to understand the competition barbecue and ou prizes page for the main rules.

Last year, finally, we present this list as a calendar of national competitions, thus including both the KCBS  and WBQA circuits competitions, whose Italian delegation is doing really well and which ended last season the first NBC national championship with the victory equal to the Porci Scomodi and the Luna Pork, to which this year will be added the stage of Rome, confirming a process of constant growth of the movement.


westWEST – KCBS (13/01-14/01)
Like every year for four seasons, WEST is the first round of the calendar, organized in mid-January in Val di Tures, with temperatures that will easily drop below 20 degrees below zero, as an extreme event able to put in serious difficulty the stability of the cooking. The organizers are the legendary MIG and unfortunately for those interested, the available spots, both for judges and for teams, have been sold out in just over 48 hours.
Equally, precise that you can find more informations here.


Meat Smoke and Beer IceMEAT, SMOKE AND BBQ on ICE – KCBS (17/02-18/02)
The Meat, Smoke and BBQ, is one of the new competitions of last season, organized with excellent results. This year the organizers have even decided to triple in three different locations of beautiful Austria. This is the first in calendar, which covers one of the holes of the previous seasons and takes place in a breathtaking location: the frozen surface of Lake Weissensee in Carinthia.
The seats are very few and it looks as sold-out even if the official site still accepts registrations and does not provide an updated list of registered teams.


War of BarbecueTHE WAR OF BARBECUE – KCBS (24/03-25/03)
One of the many first editions of the year and another bridge between the seasonal baptism of the West and spring, and this time in Italy. The location is Noventa di Piave theater of famous battles during the First World War and the main theme of many historical re-enactments, some in conjunction with this event, as well as streetfood, craft brewery and much more. There is no official website but only la facebook page and the registration is manual but there are still places available.

Fumus BellumFUMUS BELLUM – WBQA (24/03-25/03)
Unfortunately, overlapping with the War of Barbecue, the Fumus Bellum anticipates a month’s programming, confirming itself as the first date of the Italian NBC championship and one of the most appreciated dates of 2017. As for the other WQBA competitions there is no possibility to register online but you must send a request via e-mail. Here find the references.


EASTERN BBQ – KCBS (31/03-01/04)Eastern BBQ
Second edition of the competition organized in Belgium by Wettles on Fire, in Ninove, not far from Brussels, this time anticipated at the confluence of the month of March and that of April. Confirmed the opportunity to participate in the SCA circuit between the extra categories and introduced the novelty of the Whole Hog. There are still vacancies for entries clicking here.


Meat Smoke and Beer IceMEAT, SMOKE AND BBQ in WELS – KCBS (07/04-08/04)
Second stage of the mini circuit organized by his friend Armin Oberndorfer, this time confirming the excellent first edition organized in the small town of Wels, on the occasion of a wonderful outdoor fair and a local beer festival. Still available spots at this site.

Wild King CompetitionWILD KING COMPETITION – KCBS (14/04-15/04)
Another first edition and once again in Austria that this year has literally had an explosive season with six scheduled competitions. The location is the beautiful Tyrol, in the small town of St. Johann, just north of Kitzbuhel. The organizers are the Grill-ABC team and there is an auxiliary category dedicated to desserts. The site is entirely in German and it is not easy to understand it, nor if there is a way to register in addition to sending an email. However the site is this.

Meat the EastMEAT THE EAST – KCBS (14/04-15/04)
In the same weekend of the Wild King, this competition in Hengelo to the east of the Netherlands is re-proposed in its second edition, this time bringing up to 48 the available spots. Not very convenient for us but for those interested in the site for registration is this.

BARDO QBARDO Q – KCBS (21/04-22/04)
Another very welcome confirmation after the excellent edition of last year for the most wester competition of Italy, as stated in its claim, organized in the beautiful scenery of Bardonecchia in Val di Susa. This year the event looks to be even more prosperous.
For all those interested still available spots, clicking here.

Another overlap between Italian competitions unfortunately. A shame. The competition takes place in the Republic of San Marino, an interesting location that deserves a visit and the event has been anticipated compared to the summer to avoid the suffocating heat of previous editions.
Again, to register write here

Greek Fire FestivalGREEKFIRE BBQ FESTIVAL – KCBS (28/04-29/04)
The last competition of a very rich month of April is the umpteenth first edition of the year, organized by the Vikings team, with main sponsor the Greek Fire, in Reichshof not far from Cologne, in the center-west of Germany. From the site it is not clear if a ceiling has been fixed for registrations but at the moment there are 23 teams on the list and they are still open. For info click here.

In the same week of the Greek Fire Festival, it is confirmed in its fourth edition, one of the historical competitions of the European scene, organized by the BBQ Bulls in the beautiful Salzburg in Austria. New site, this time also in English but confirmed the registration mode only in paper, which however from our experience of last year works well. In this season change of location, which moves in the biergarten of the famous Stiegl brewery.
Still available spots, for registrations click here.


Brave Fire ScotlandTHE BRAVE FIRE OF SCOTLAND  – KCBS (05/05-06/05)
New competition on the calendar, and first in Scotland, in Aberlour, in the extreme north of the country. Location of great charm on which you do not know much yet, the official site is missing but there is a Facebook page and the registration page is available at this address. Curiosity: it seems that the extra category is based on Scotch Whiskey and Haggis and could not be otherwise, I would say.

Beer Fries and BBQBEER, FRIES & BBQ – KCBS (11/05-13/05)
Another historical competition even reached its fifth edition, organized in Hasselt in Belgium, by the strong team De Filous. The competition is known to be extremely well organized and associated with tasting delicious Belgian draft beers. This year it is proposed with a big news: two competitions in succession both open and therefore valid for the ranking: Friday on Saturday and Saturday on Sunday. Among the members, the Italians Bros Hog.
For those interested, only 8 spots available and you can subscribe here.

Tony StoneTONY STONE – KCBS (19/05-20/05)
This year, the first and historic KCBS-sanctioned barbecue competition in Europe, which took place in Hoofddorp, is just a stone’s throw from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Another competition that falls within the SCA, regarding the steaks in the ancillary categories. Among the latter, it is impossible not to mention the Whole Hog. This year the space has been brought to 60 admitted teams with still 19 places available. Among the Italians registered the Unchained Griller.
For info click here.

Brew'n'QBREW’N’Q – KCBS (25/05-27/05)
Second edition for a unique competition, organized at the end of the month by Miss piggy’s UK in Burton Upon Trent in England, another very famous place for the brewing tradition. On the model of some American Events, including the most famous is the American Royal, provides two competitions in the following weekend, the first by invitation for the best placed teams in the competitions of the previous season and the second Open, free entry. Unfortunately, all the spots have been sold out since some time.
For additional info anyway click here.

Smoke on the LakeSMOKE ON THE LAKE – WBQA (26/05-27/05)
Another confirmation in the NBC championship, this time also as a calendar date. The location is the beautiful Varese, almost on the shores of Lake Maggiore. Even here, just sign up by mail here.


Italian HardcoreITALIAN HARDCORE BBQ CONTEST – KCBS (08/06-10/06)
The IHB is back in this second edition, with important news: the first is the displacement of the location from Bologna to Milan, the second is the organization of two competitions in a weekend from Friday to Sunday as already seen for Beer and Fries and the third is a respectable jackpot, amounting to € 7,000. As an extra category, the Fish has been set and the registrations have just been opened.
For info, click here.

wbqaEUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2018 – WBQA (09/06-10/06)
After the 2017 world championship in Ireland, 2018 is the year of the biennial appointment with the WBQA European Championship and the chosen venue is Brösarp in the south of Sweden, near Malmö. Over 50 teams are expected to compete in 8 categories: Chicken, Fish, Beef, Pork Ribs, Pork Shoulder, Vegetarian, Dessert and Chef’s Choice.
For more info click here

Q FestQ FEST – KCBS (16/06-17/06)
Second edition for this competition in Great Britain, Devon, near Bristol. The version of this year appears to be simplified compared to that of 2017, with less ancillary categories and more focused on mandatory categories.
For registration click here.

Prime Uve InvitationalPRIME UVE – KCBS (30/06-01/06)
Prime Uve is, as always, one of the most prestigious competitions of the year, organized by Distillerie Maschio in the historic Gaiarine site. I’m not afraid to say that the level of benefits for the teams is unique in the world. Unfortunately, this is only an Invitational, or a competition that can be accessed only by invitation, in this case only for the top 15 places in the TOY ranking of the previous year.
In any case for info, click here

BBQ en der BurgBBQ EN DER BURG – KCBS (30/06-01/06)
In a historical overlap with Prime Uve, wanted or not, back in its third edition in Geestland in Germany, the BBQ EN DE BURG. Let’s say that in this case the competition can be a great opportunity to score points for the teams not invited to Prime Uve, considering that in the latter are the first fifteen of last year’s ranking. Apart from this, the competition is in an interesting event that is complemented by a streetfood component. On the site no info on available spots and registered teams but online registration is still active.
For those interested click here


Vienna BBQ DaysVIENNA BBQ DAYS – KCBS (14/07-15/07)
Second edition for the umpteenth Austrian competition of this season, organized in the fascinating and marvelous Vienna. The dessert and another appointment for the SCA circuit are planned as an extra category. Also in this case the online booking is available (only in German) but without info on the available spots nor on the already registered teams. However reservations still open.
For those interested, click here

Black ForestBLACK FOREST – KCBS (21/07-22/07)
Third edition for the beautiful event organized by the Dragon BBQ in the wonderful black forest in Germany. Last year’s location is confirmed in the Bad Bellingen spa area, where an interesting combination of competition, streetfood event and spa vacation is created. Competition to be seen.
To register click here


SloveniaWILD WEST FEST – KCBS (11/08-12/08)
After the good results of last year, confirmation of the competition organized in Slovenia by the Slovenian Barbecue Society, a few kilometers from the capital Ljubljiana, on the shores of Lake Zbilje in a truly fabulous location, near a historic local restaurant. Change of name from Slovenian Open to Wild West Fest and decided date change, however, with a one month advance compared to 2017.
Registration already open, click here.

BBQ FestivalBBQ FESTIVAL – KCBS (17/08-18/08)
The BBQ Festival is a competition about which we knows very little to our latitudes, yet it has reached its third edition, organized in the Estonian town of Vanamõisa, just south of Tallin, in the far north of Europe. The website has definitely improved compared to last year and the registrations are open. For info, click here.

 regahfestREGAHFEST – KCBS (25/08-26/08)
Another historical competition and another recurring appointment at the end of August, organized in Den Hague in the Netherlands, by the excellent Rokende Regahs team. This is another step in the SCA circuit for the extra steak cooking category. The organizational level is guaranteed and every year is a race to grab the available spots. Website and Facebook page do not seem up-to-date in the available registrations but the race is officially confirmed.
For information anyway click here.

We are awaiting the publication of another historical event on August, the Euregio by Roman Schellartz.


Confirmation for another in the Netherlands, in Zeewolde. Another stage of the SCA circuit on the steak to which this year the Whole Hog is added. The site appears not active, in the sense that it promotes the event but does not yet make the registrations available.
For those interested anyway click here

farm meatFARM MEAT – KCBS (08/09-09/09)
Again in Netherland in Dongen, and still a second edition after the inaugural one in 2017. Unfortunately the site confirmed being only in Dutch but registration are open.
For those interested, subscribe here.

Smoke on the WatersSMOKE ON THE WATERS – KCBS (08/09-09/09)
Another competition organized in Devon in Great Britain, which honestly we have made a bit of effort to find information about: there is not a real official site dedicated to the event but only a page on the main sponsor site while there is a Facebook group practically from which emerges only the imposed limit of 20 teams and the overlap with the Farm Meat. The event is however officially confirmed and registrations are open to this page.

Yet another confirmation of the mid-month appointment in the beautiful square of Sint Niklaas, in Belgium organized by the Laurentius team, now historic for Europe. The stage of the SCA circuit that is added to the KCBS competition, this year is completed with a cooking contest for a truly complete event. The site shows that the active bookings are 37 but contrary to last year, a limit is not declared, which, however, if confirmed that of 2017 would be 50 teams.
For those interested, subscribe here.

wbqa modenaMOTOR VALLEY SMOKING RACE – WBQA (15/09-16/09)
Fourth and penultimate stage of the NBC circuit, in Modena, yet another confirmation of one of the first competitions of the WBQA circuit in Italy. As in other cases, the reservation is by mail.
Those interested can find info here.

Meat Smoke and Beer IceMEAT, SMOKE AND BBQ in GRAZ – KCBS (29/09-30/09)
Third and last stage of the mini circuit organized by our friend Armin Oberndorfer, this time in the beautiful town of Graz, in the region of Styria famous for its wine production and for the thermal baths, whose panorama will be enriched by the end of September’s autumn colors. BBQ Sauce & Chili is an extra category. Registration available at this site.

We are awaiting the publication of another historic event on September, the legendary Ruhrpott, in Germany. Click here to be updated.


Confirm waited and welcome for one of the beatiest and well organized competitions of 2017 by our great friend Mariusz Adorjanyi. The location is the historical village of Tàllya in the Tocaji region, the famous Hungarian wine. From the site it seems that the 2018 program is even richer and more articulated than concerts and events, waiting for completing the English version. With a year in advance, registrations are still active and working at this link.


SpartacusSPARTACUS THE PITMASTER – WBQA (xx/11-xx/11)
New stage for the NBC circuit, in the awaited location of Rome. The date is still to be decided but it is confirmed that it will be at the end of the 2018 season, in the month of November. As usual, registrations only by paper. Further information at this site.

On October as every year, we are waiting for the publication of another historical event: the BBQ Society Cook Off, organized by the friends Sea Side Smokers. To be updated, click here.

Of course we still have a few months ahead and the calendar can further intensify. If you are a team or a judge, do not wait long to plan the season, as you have seen, the spots run out quickly. If instead you are simple fans and you want to follow us during the season, here you can find the calendar of the competitions to which we will take part.

Anyway, everyone, Happy Barbecue!

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