BBQ Bulls Championship

Report of our competition in Salisburgo

The fourth competition of the 2017 season brings us back to Austria, in the beautiful Salzburg. The BBQ Bulls of Helmut Karl, event organizers, celebrated their twenty years of activity and for the occasion set up a truly orderly, well-organized event that was able to engage a lot of public. Noteworthy was the beautiful dinner with rivers of beer, which was offered to the teams on Saturday night. It has not happened many other times. All of our many Austrian friends, both teams and judges are wonderful people, and we are always happy to go to Austria. This experience went only to confirm previous ones.

On the sporting side we did not make an exceptional performance: we bring home two walk on Pork (6th) and Brisket (7th) for a total placement that does not exceed the 12th place. Our congratulations go to our friend Richard from iQ for the well-deserved Grand Champion and the Austrian Knockstone BBQ for the RGC. To these are added the ones to our friends Sticky Fingers, who after the Grand Champions in Bardonecchia, have another great result with a splendid third place. A special mention goes to Alessandro Muscas for a first place in the Brisket,really deserved in our opinion.

Let’s close as usual with the five things we take home from Salzburg:

  1. This contest represents the manifesto that must be seen by anyone questioning the sustainability, economic or not, of the circuit. It is an event in its fourth edition, organized in a peripheral area, apparently a neighborhood, far away from the tourist masses. In spite of this, the organizers have managed to create in addiction to a competition with 34 enrolled teams, which is already a complicated management, a real celebration that has led to a considerable amount of people. The Sunday, of the competition was devoted to the public sooministration inside and outside a large tent, which had a great success. Let’s add a nice merchandising, with t-shirts, caps, pins, small paid entertainments, like the mechanical bull in front of the competition field and in its simplicity you will have the recipe for an effective and efficient barbecue event. Our congratulations to the organizers.
  2. If you remember our report of West, the night before the competition, into our tent had been spontaneously created a beautiful party with lots of people involved. On this occasion we experienced an antipode experience but just as pleasant and fun: in our gazebo the Sticky Fingers joined us. To these were added our great friends Stephan and Petra and all together we reached the first hours of the new day by drinking the Gin Tonic of the good Muscas, eating Rubia Gallega and the skewers of the very smart Mariusz. Less loud than the party of the West but the laughter was the same.
  3. We are confident that we are not particularly enthusiast of the extra categories. Generally we show them or if we have to make them tend not to dedicate them more than enough attention. This Mistery Box was not very different, but at least we had fun: we wanted to play: creating a recipe in ten minutes, using only what we found on the table and without having taken with us any kitchen ingredient from home, not even ‘oil. All in all, even a good decent dish came out, finished at the 11th place.
  4. In Austria, we are always caught by surprise by the opening times, so different from those we are used to. The bars open very late, in the middle of the afternoon of Saturday they close the supermarkets and if they plan on a timetable, they mean exactly that, not a minute longer. We are not used to it and inevitably we find them uncomfortable, but I was impressed with the same impression expressed by anyone with whom I talked about this topic: it is a setting that has a sense and in these places one has to live well.
  5. In the tent where the dinner was offered to the team, the black banners of the BBQ Bulls were hung on the walls, bearing the name of the team and the country of origin that the organizers of Jack Daniels Invitational give to each team every edition. I have counted seven (!), And seeing them all in a row makes some impression if we consider that even today the strongest European teams have no more than 3, which more than any other word demonstrate the twenty years of history of this team.

we closed even this stage. We have to admit that three competitions in four weeks have been heavy enough and all in all we gladly welcome the break month before the Brew’n’Q. Of course this is what we say today. From tomorrow we will can not see the time of the next competition.

* Some images were taken from Facebook by the profile of many present friends. If someone recognizes her photo and does not want them to be present in the slide show,just let her know, and we will remove her immediately
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