– Barbecue Dixit

Famous phrases, proverbs and idioms, on the barbecue, the kitchen or life in general by the big names of this culinary expression

Good barbecue comes from experience and experience, well… that comes from poor barbecue

- Enrico Brandizzi – BBQness

In order to cook great barbecue, you don’t need fancy equipment. The pit master is always more important than pit

- Andy Husbands – Wicked Good Barbecue

Sit in the stump and listen to the pit. No list, no clock, no thermometer can tell you how to cook barbecue.

- Don McLemore – Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ Book

I’ve been messed up as a football bat, but after comp is over. Cause you can’t win the party on friday and win the…

- Myron Mixon – Smokin’ with Myron Mixon

I could give away every barbecue secret I have but competition barbecue is still about the feel of it

- Paul Kirk – Championship Barbecue