Barbecue World

What happens in the barbecue world outside the boundaries of the Creative Barbecue

Good barbecue comes from experience and experience, well… that comes from poor barbecue

- Enrico Brandizzi – BBQness
West 2 Cop



Read the report of our competition in Riva di Tures There are events that fixes by themself on the calendar. Now you do not even…

Barbecue is like Jazz. Before you can be taken seriously as an improviser, you have to pay your respect to the standards

- Chris Hart – Wicked Good BBQ

It’s easy to cook a filet mignon and call yourself a chef. But that’s not real cooking, that’s heating. preparing a tripe, however is a transcendental act!

- Thomas Keller – The French Laundry
Bardo Q 2

Our Bardo Q II


The Report of the Competition in Bardonecchia It’s already been a year. They look like they’ve flown but it’s already been 12 months since the first…