Here we are with yet another beautiful new competition the 2016 calendar has given us. Brixia is the name of the ancient Roman colony from which the nowadays Brescia, home of the competition, has born. The 4 Star BBQ were able to find a location really out of the ordinary that is linked moreover, to the history of the city: the court of the Mille Miglia Museum, the historic automobile race of resistance of the first half of the century, who started from the Lombard city to get to Rome and back, without stopping. Compete surrounded by the beautiful classic cars that shone from the windows of the “U” shape building has an incredible charm.
We return home with a decent eighth place, with three call on four, still glad we made a good solid barbecue. Grand Champion is the very strong Miss Piggy’s UK and RGC and first Italian, the Smoking Bad. It should be emphasized that these guys have split the team in two to participate in two competitions on two different circuits on the same day, centering the second place in both. Really congratulations!

We close with the list of 5 things that we bring home from the Brixia:

  1. The Competitions with a “court” set up are in my opinion the most beautiful: the teams occupy the perimeter, with the front facing towards each other. It is about the same as when you go to dinner with friends and they give you a round table: you have a chance to talk to everyone and seeing everyone simultaneously without missing anything.
  2. I tried to compete on any surface: snow, mud (water in some cases!), Asphalt and grass course but I think that none is able to dirty the equipment and clothes as gravel. This already happened in the Camargue: at the end of competition you have to take apart almost everything, including a gazebo and various containers, covered everywhere with two fingers of dust that seems stuck with glue
  3. This race will remain in my memory as the first which was attended by my daughter Arianna, 9 years, fulfilling a wish expressed for over a year. He slept in the car with us, helped us by washing and cleaning everything that we used, it has assisted me in the preparation of chicken. Fears were that a bbq competition were not a place and a condition suitable to host a child. The truth was that it was spoiled by all the teams, even foreign ones, and that there was always someone with her even when I could not. The Family Barbecue was further elevated by one step in my yardstick staff.
  4. The eperience of having a cooks meeting in a former church was the confirmation that attending a competition in Italy it is never trivial. At a first time I must admit I was slightly wrong-footed, and it took me a few minutes before winning the strange feeling of being out of place.
  5. The Mille Miglia Museum is beautiful. Sadly used to seeing immense artistic heritage, which are neglected and shown to the public with almost lazy resignation, when I see little gems like this, groomed, clean, well presented, I go back to being proud of the country I come from.

Next round is the last competition of the season, in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, at the BBQ Society for the traditional BBQ Cookoff!


P.S. unfortunately, cause of a mobile’s damage, we lost our pcs of the competition, so we used the shots from our friend Micheal Lercher Paulini recognizing all his credits

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