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The First Real Barbecue Holiday has born

Crossing from the East the splendid territory of Piedmont in the direction of the Langhe framed by the rows of Nebbiolo, on the last ridge of the Monferrato stands in its perfect isolation a tiny abandoned peasant village. As more and more often you see it done on the Italian territory, the small town was bought by a single owner who renovated the old houses, converting them into comfortable apartments and common areas, a sort of mini-tourist village in a 200-year-old structure. given completely in management to the guests.

Location Campfire lodge

If you like us, you have seen on Netflix, on SKY or even on the net those documentaries in which in a rustic and lonely farmhouse on the shores of a snow-covered lake a group of friends is isolated for a weekend having as unique cooking tool a brazier, you probably already understood what crossed our minds when we saw this little pearl lost in the hills: exactly at that moment the project of Campfire Lodge was born.

The idea is to completely rent the structure for a total availability of 40 beds for a whole weekend, from Friday until Sunday and dedicate it completely to barbecue cooking. EVERYTHING, from breakfast to evening desserts will be made on the grill. Logo Campfire Lodge Def2Think of your most hidden, unconfessed (and why not: vicious!) desire in the barbecue and it will be very likely that in that weekend it will be realized, naturally all together as a real small community. Imagine smoking cold meats and cheeses and then tasting them all together, roasting a rustic ham on the grill, cracking the rind of a Pork Belly under the teeth, sinking the bread in the Baked Beans slowly stewed in a dutch oven, cutting with the sword a succulent picanha, not counting the bacon in the cast-iron pan in the morning, the raclette prepared on the fire in the afternoon, the grilled fruit with grappa before going to sleep. Throughout the weekend each guest will be provided with a ceramic pint that he can use to keep fresh and taste the different HIBU craft beers that we will put on tap. There will also be sought Rums and Whiskies  to enliven the evenings spent in front of the fireplace*.

Aia Campfire Lodge
Aia Campfire Lodge
Tavolo Campfire Lodge

The structure and location of the Campfire Lodge will complete an unforgettable weekend. The comfortable rooms in wood and stone are made inside the blocks of the village, some with single beds and others with double beds and extra beds, each room or two rooms with their own bathroom. What once was an internal courtyard has become a central square with sofas, tables and pergolas where you can relax between cooking and drinking a beer and chatting. Next to the main building there is a large barbecue area where we will set up our cooking area with different types of smokers with which you will have opportunities to have fun, including Cabinet, Kamado, Bullet Smokers. The old oven of the village has been re-routed to a pizza oven where we will have the opportunity to bake bread, pizza and focaccia that will accompany your meals throughout the weekend. The old barn instead has become a recreational area with a small bar, table football and ping pong as well as a 50-inch screen TV. Added to this is the presence of a 7-a-side football pitch and a swimming pool for guests, in case the weekend proves to be warm enough.

Stanze Campfire Lodge
Bagni Campfire Lodge
Fienile Campfire Lodge

To who knows the area, there is little to tell: the Monferrato is wonderful! An expanse of hills far from the conventional tourist routes but that have little to envy to the most famous ones of Tuscany or Umbria. The village located between the provinces of Asti and Alessandria, is only 150 km from Milan, 100 km from Turin and 80 km from Genoa, yet completely immersed in the countryside as far as the eye can see. The estate is surrounded by chestnut and hazelnut woods where you can go for walks, if you wish, using the free bikes available from the structure. A few minutes away you can visit wineries, farms, organic apicultures, dairies. In the immediate surroundings you can reach small gems such as the Romanesque Tower of Denice, the Castle of Monastero, the ramparts of Mombaldone, the village of Roccaverano.

Piscina Campfire Lodge
Barbecue Campfire Lodge
Campo Calcio Campfire Lodge

During the weekend you will have ample opportunity to choose between actively participating in the realization of all the recipes in a real technique in-depth full immersion of unusual recipes and contact with high-performance devices, and enjoying only the gastronomic experience lazing among the spaces of Cascina Langa and the many attractions nearby or simply alternate the two things, without particular nuisances, satisfying your natural desire for barbecue.

Campfire Lodge 2018 is set for the weekend of 6-8 April. The reception is set for Friday between 2 pm and 4 pm and departure for Sunday after dinner. The cost is set at € 290.00 per person including the stay, three dinners, two lunches, two breakfasts and various gastronomic appointments during the weekend*. By clicking on the button below you will access our booking page. For each room will correspond a category of tickets and to its beds the tickets available for that category. This way groups of friends or couples can book a room in which they can stay together. All members will receive constant updates about the details, until the date of the event.

What are you waiting for, sign up for your first barbecue holiday!

La Cascina Langa
Regione Chiazze, 2
15010 Denice (Al)

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* The service is to be understood as inclusive of board and lodging except for the beverage, offered at a very competitive price, almost a mere recovery of costs.
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