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Slowly the temperatures are rising and we see a timid hint of early spring. The season of the barbecue is going to start although Grill Academy in Milan at Agri Brianza actually never ended. The continuity of the course program, which saw a practice of at least three appointments scheduled every week throughout the winter, it makes little noticeable its results but if we stand to pull a budget of the 12 calendar months of 2016, we can only be satisfied: 792 participants on 76 courses with a growth of 72%, respectively, on 458 students and 90% on 40 courses in 2015(*).

But as we said, a new season begins, and more than ever it will be full of news. Three, to be more precise:

Bancone Grill Academy Bancone GA Bancone GA

The first one is definitely the location which hosts the classes. Calm down: Agri Brianza is always in Concorezzo at Via Dante, 191 but for those who have not yet seen, the Grill Academy has been equipped with an internal extractor hood and a beautiful counter beyond which you can see from a privileged position the demo courses, comfortably seated and sheltered from bad weather.

The second is tied to the intensity of the calendar that will be increased even more. We have already programmed 58 courses between January 1 and July 31, with a standard of at least three courses per week: on Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon.


But the project is to integrate with classes in high season also on Sundays between April and May and to introduce some on Monday afternoon in response to numerous requests from people who work mainly on weekends. The scene ends with the re-introduction of the much appreciated Barbecue Nights in spring and summer, or evening classes for couples where people cook for themselves an elegant and refined dinner, complete with candlelight and wine coolers. All this will lead to overcome the overall share of 80 classes in first seven months

The last It is obviously linked to the object of the courses. One of the main characteristics of the Grill Academy calendar is to encompass very different issues, trying on the one hand to meet anyone’s needs and on the other to renew itself constantly, always providing new ideas for cooking on the grid. Always in respect of the three canonical types, the WeShow, the demo classes dedicated to basic technics, the WeCook, active classes where attendants cook for themselves a menu on the grid and the WeExperience, in depth classes for specific techniques or tools, has been introduced many new concepts

Kettle Grill Academy

We Show

In addition to classic courses on ABC on grid, regarding the Direct Cooking, the Indirect Cooking and Smoking Process and the relative depth to Baking on Grid, and the Fish, yet last autumn had been added courses on the Rotisserie and all its possible implementations. The news is the introduction of Cooking on Plates, discussing the use of those cast iron, ceramic and even salt ones and two cross courses, on the peculiarities of cooking Ribs like chops of beef, pork and lamb and Birds alternative to usual chicken, like duck or quail.

We Cook

As usual, excuse is the seasonality for formulate themed menus that touch many different techniques. In addition to the perpetually sold out menu on American Streetfood, which as always will be granted at least one bis, we have a menu for each season, Spring and Summer, one of Easter and the one dedicated to the Great Occasions.

We Experience

You know, they are those on which there is more opportunity to wander and those that will be integrated better. In addition to the historical courses on the American Steakhouse Techniques, the Art of Churrasco and the Sardinian Cooking, have added new courses on Finger Grills and on Argentinian Asado and many more are coming soon, including my anticipation of Cuban Cooking.

There’s something for all levels and for all tastes. If passed through the area around Milan and you want to have fun on the grid while learning something new, this is the place for you. As we say in these cases … I wait for you in Grill Academy!

* Count of only paid courses
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