The Barbecue Team

The Barktenders Barbecue Team

Our master, Jim Johnson is used to repeat “if you wonna be the best, you have to beat the best ” and into this sentence lies the real sense of competition. The professional’s skills don’t represent an absolute value. His competence acquires a real meaning only when contextualized on a comparison based review and only where this last stands for his best growth opportunity.

Barktenders CamargueSo we can do nothing by loving the daily competition and always we liked the challenges, even more when hard. It’s no wondering if Barktenders place a rule in competition barbecue by side the food service. On a context where the concept of “barbecue competition” became very trendy and it is often trot out about events that aren’t much more than countryside festivals, Barktenders Camarguewe perceive it in the only way able to aknowledge it the given dignity. We’re talking about american barbecue competitions supported by circuits aligned to the same rules all over the world. We’re talking about blind Judgment and certified judge through specific classes. We’re talking about a very high tecnic level where The best teams in world fight point by point on the american barbecue classic four (chicken, ribs, pork, brisket) with paltry score gaps.

Perfect Score BarktendersThe Barktenders competition barbecue season embraces several european nations, from the nearby Switzerland and France to the far Sweden and some american state with the ambition of getting our barbecue better and better and representing in the best possible way the italian culinary tradition on the country where We’re going to be guests.

In its first three years of activity, the Barktenders Barbecue Team has trampled the competition fields of 11 nations with over 60 positions in the top ten and a prestigious Perfect Score in the Pork category, result achieved only by very few European teams.

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