Rental Service

An Innovative Rental Service


When people in the milieu talk about gears, very often they mention a motto that recites “Picasso was able to paint even with a shaving brush” meaning that the expertice and the skills of the griller are good at enhancing any tool, even the poorest. offset2If this could be undeniably true, as much it is that a good quality item widely helps in reaching better results with less efforts, some way like a fast car driven by a good racer.

On this context we’re talking about steel, wrought and cast iron, expensive or hard to be handled materials. That’s why equiping with upscale smokers could be quite hard, even more when this represents an outfit completion by highly specific gears. sitonoleggio1

Barktenders is also a solution for this problem: a wide selection of grills and smokers is at your disposal in a practical as innovative rental service, with delivery and pick up right at your home. Do you have a crowd for dinner and the wide room on grill of an offset would fit your needings? Hai molti ospiti a casa e ti farebbe comodo lo spazio in griglia di affascinate OffSet? Do you have an itch to try the outstanding performances of an elegant Kamado? Or would you simply like to have a cook out on a classic kettle but you you consider as overblown to buy one? Just check on the rental service calendar for knowing the availability of your favorite gear and fire up your charcoal.