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Cookie Policy
COOKIE POLICY BBQ Hangout S.r.l. is the Controller of Data gathered through the form and during the use of services for the website. The list of Data Processor can be found at the headquarter of BBQ Hangout S.r.l. Cookies are small text files where small information on users’ activities on web navigation are included and stored on a device that has accessed the website. Cookies are of no harm for the device and ensure a better and faster navigation of our website. Further information, such as those that enable us to send advertisement messages, are saved only after your consensus, that is expressed simply through the website navigation or through tools that are described here. We solicit you to read the following information in order to better understand if the cookies that we use and how you can manage your preferences as to their use. Types of cookies used on our website:
  1. 1. Technical cookies: they are required for the proper functioning of the website. They enable access to its functions (navigation cookies) and are mainly session cookies. Vuotoservice may also use functional cookies that enable the saving of preferences and settings, thus improving navigation on our website (connecting a specific language of our website or a page chosen from the country of access, saving preferences according to the acceptance of cookies). In order to guarantee their functionality and saving preferences, cookies are not cancelled at browser closure. However, they have a predefined maximum duration. After this time, they are automatically turned off. These cookies and data are not used for further purposes. In order to install technically cookies, consensus shall not be given; we install them automatically after your website access or after your specific request for certain functionalities. You can turn them off at any time from your browser settings. However, you may not be able to view them properly.
  2. 2. Analytical cookies: analytical cookies are used to collect information on the use of the website and to perform anonymous statistical analysis in order to improve the website use and to make contents more interesting and adherent to users’ activities. This type of cookies collects data anonymously on users’ activities and how users landed on the website. Analytical cookies are sent from the website or from third parties’ domains.
  3. 3. Third parties’ domains: they integrate functionalities that are developed from third parties with website pages, such as icons and preferences that are being expresses on social networks for the sharing of website contents or for the use of software services of third parties (such as software to generate maps and further tools that provide more services). These cookies are sent from third parties domains or from partners’ website that offer their functions on the website.
BBQ Hangout S.r.l. , in compliance with the enforceable regulation, shall not ask consensus for technical and analytical cookies, as they are required to provide services. For other types of cookies, users’ consensus might be given according to the following ways:
  • through specific configurations of the browser that is being used and pertaining IT program used to navigate the website;
  • through amendments of the settings it the use of services from third parties.
Both solutions might prevent the user from using od viewing other parts of the website. Once you surf the website, you will visualize a banner that informs users on cookies that are being used, from third parties too. If you close the banner or continue with your navigation through the selection of an element of the website outside the banner or if you enter the website from another area of the website, users give their consensus to cookies use. We shall keep track of your consensus through a specific technical cookie. By doing so, we shall avoid visualizing the banner on cookies during your further visits to the website. Should you decide to delete technical cookies, please do not forget that we will lose trace of your consensus. Consequently, your next visit will include a new banner presentation. Activation and deactivation of cookies through the browser Select your browser from the program list and you will find information on how to change cookies settings. If your browser is not there, read the technical specifications of the producer. Chrome Firefox IE Opera Safari For any information on modes and purposes of data processing as well as on the exercise of your right, please read our privacy notice. Please also read regularly this Cookies Policy to be aware of amendments.