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Costruzione Patty

What it is and my favorite 5 Recipes

Have you ever seen at least one time the cartoon Spongebob? If you have children who have not yet passed the age of adolescence, the answer can only be affirmative. Crabby Patty SponegbobFor all the others, I briefly explain that it is located at the bottom of the ocean and the protagonist is a sponge working in a fast food owned by an avid and grouchy crab, but able to invent a delicious burger, the famous Crabby Patty that makes the fortune of his restaurant and whose secret recipe is jealously guarded in safe, protected by the theft attempts by Plankton, his fierce competitor not kissed by as much luck and skill.

If you stop at thinking for a second, you’ll agree with me that this makes no sense: what will it ever be so complicated to be found in a burger? You just have to buy one, deconstruct it and the secret is simply unveil. But it is precisely on this detail that we are losing what in my opinion is perhaps the most amazing aspect of the hamburger world.

Post Patty HambAlongside a well-nourished audience of purists, there is a noisy minority who does not conceive the patty (the round made with grounded meat, to understand us) as a simple agglomerate of meat and fat but as a real recipe. When we want to push on the creative fantasy accelerator we grow the hamburger in height by adding the inconceivable. There is, however, some people who only intervenes on the patty leaving may be the dish completing rule to the simple salad and tomato.

If you think about it, the chances of flavor-mingling are exponentially larger, the boundaries extended in every direction from the banal stratification of a fried egg, two bacon strips and a slice of Cheddar. Before proceeding with my 5 favorite recipes I list you some tips for the first times that you will embellish in building your ideal patty:

  • The patty lend themselves excellent to receive sauces in the dough, one on all the barbecue sauce. If you are on this way I recommend kneading in the patty as first the dry ingredients like rubs and spices and only after them the sauces. This way you will have more uniformity.
  • During the construction of your patty you may lose sight of its compactness. A too dry and compact patty would crumble during cooking. On the contrary, one too wet would not keep the shape and tend to stick to the grid, even you remember to brush the surface with a veil of oil. Always keep butter available for the first problem and the breadcrumbs for the second, add to the dough for necessity.
  • The classical incidence of fat content on lean in a patty is 15% but it may be a good idea to decrease it if other fatty elements are included among the ingredients such as cheese
  • If you introduce coarse-crushed ingredients such as cherry tomatoes, be sure to check that too large pieces are not inside. In cooking, the slight dehydration and contraction of the meat fibers could lead the patty to divide precisely at their point.
  • In many cases where the patty dough is deliberately left uneven, it is likely using the cast iron plate as the preferred cooking surface to ensure optimum cauterization.

Only my 5 favorite recipes are left, one for each type of raw material:

Louisiana Patty

– Pork –

1 Kg grounded Pork Loin
1/2 finely grounded Green Bell Pepper
1/2 finely grounded Onion
1 beaten Egg
1 spoon of Worcetsershire Sauce
1 spoon of Breadcrumbs
1 teaspoon of Tabasco
1 spoon of Mustard
1 teaspoon of Thyme
1 teaspoon of Marjoram
q.b. Salt and Pepper

 3 Sauces Patty

–  Beef –

1 Kg grounded Beef Chuck
2 spoons of any Kansas City Style BBQ sauce
1/2 finely grounded Onion
1 spoon of Worcetsershire Sauce
1 spoon of Djione Mustard
1 teaspoon of Black Pepper
1 spoon of  Raw Cane Sugar
3 Cherry Tomatoes finely chopped
1 spoon of Bread Crumbs

Almond and Curry Patty

–  Chicken –

1 Kg deboned and grounded Chicken Thights
2 spoons of Maionese
2 spoons of grounded Almonds
2 tea spoons of Lemon Juice
1/2 finely grounded Onion
2 teaspoons of Curry
1 tea spoons of Black Pepper

Greek Patty

–  Lamb –

1 Kg deboned and grounded Lamb Ribs
2 tea spoons of Garlic Powder
1 tea spoon of Salt
1 teaspoons of Black Pepper
1 teaspoons of Oregano
1/2 teaspoons of Cumin
1 teaspoon of Onion Powder

Salmon Summer Patty

–  Fish –

1 Kg Pin deboned and grounded Salmon
2 spoons of Sun Dried Tomatoes
1 spoon of Capers
2 spoons of Mustard
1/2 spoons of grounded Lemon Zest
1 teaspoon of White Pepper

Have you ever tried to create a hamburger starting from patty? How would you complete these five recipes?

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