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Good or bad in the history of every griller there is a passage ritual that is almost impossible to escape from: the first Cook Out. I talk about those outdoor events, usually summery, that have barbecue facilities for a multitude of people, including 30, 50 or more. Cook Out usually happens to the griller when he began to become confident with cooking, when more and more people have tried his Q and his name begins to make way for more or less close friendships. The next step is the fateful proposition: “will you take care about this, right?” The griller never says no (the first time): the fact that they have proposed him and that so many people rely on is the best of possible estimates, a medal for the months of trials suffered by him and his family , the officialization of his role as ambassador in the world of the true meaning of the word “barbecue”. Also (not least), he still does not know what expect him …

The griller begins to understand that he may have made a whim when he has to deal with extra preparations for allergic, celiac, vegetarian, etc. but it becomes mathematically certain when he get to the point of agreeing everybody about the sum to be destined for the raw material. Luckily the griller with a minimum of experience with meat knows where to go: Pulled Pork, Chicken Wings, Smoked Sausages …. Drinking is a bit more a problem: the griller’s core of friends is eternally divided between those who do not even consider a Gin Tonic if it is not done with Tanqueray and Fever Tree and those who consider the Moretti a classic, just have to careful the temperature to be strictly close to freezing.

Post Punch JarIf your case is this, follow my advice: your solution is called Fruit Punch. We learn from the best: did you ever seen those American parties in college houses so full of people who can not even pass? What do they make available to drink? Rivers of beer on the side, they put on a table a gigantic bowl full of a mix of fruit juices and liters of fluorescent soft drinks in which they pour two bottles of spirits. These are the Fruit Punch and are a brilliant solution:

  • They are colorful, cheerful and moderately alcoholic. They are delightful for the female audience but also inebriating for the male. They are perfect for a party!
  • The expensive ingredient, alcohol, is quite diluted and the overall Punch expenditure is very small, especially if it is considered as a per person cost
  • The Punch taste balance is clearly shifted to the fruit. It is not a tasting in search of sought-after nuances. Translated: it is not necessary to look for super-spirits of particular value to satisfy even a sophisticated audience
Post Punch Jag
Cocktail Jags

I therefore suggest you to buy a couple of Jars, the small glass faucets that are commonly found in us, some cheap jars and try out one of the following Fruit Punchs for your next Cook Out which also includes the purchase price of the ingredients in a common discount and the per capita cost per event of 25 people (for making easer the calculation if you want to extend the quantities to a larger audience).

Pink Simple

2 Lt. Gin
1,5 Lt. Grapefruit Juice
1,5 Lt. Bloody Orange Juice
1 Lt. Lemon Soda
1 glass of Honey
2 Lt. Sparkling Water
1 sliced Lemon
1 sliced Pink Grapefruit
9,78 €
1,45 €
0,37 €
1,20 €
0,48 €
0,20 €
Per Person Cost: 0,60 € €

Southern Sweet Tea 

1,5 Lt. Bourbon
1 cup Honey
3 Lt. Peach The
1Lt Peach Juice
1, 5 Lt. Soda
2 sliced Peaches
8,99 €
1,49 €
1,30 €
1,15 €
0,55 €
0,99 €
Per Person Cost: 0,57  €

Mojito all’Anguria 

1 Watermelon
1 Lt. White Rum
3 Mint branch
6 Squished Limes
2 Lt. Sparkling Water
1 Lt. Lemon Soda
1 Lt. Tonic Water
1 sliced Lemon
5,50 €
5,29 €
0,99 €
3,00 €
0,48 €
0,37 €
0,56 €
0,20 €
Per Person Cost: 0,65 €

Blackberry Lemonade 

300 gr. Blackberries
1 glass of natural Water
1/2 glass of Honey
1,5 Lt. Whisky
0,5 Lt. Grapefruit Juice
0,5 Lt. Lemon Juice
1 Lt. Lemon Soda
1 Lt. Sparkling Water
1 sliced Lemon
2 Lt. Tonic Water
4,49 €
0,04 €
0,60 €
11,18 €
0,36 €
0,89 €
0,48 €
0,20 €
1,12 €

Note: whisk the More and mix with the honey in the glass of water and then add to the rest

Per Person Cost: 0,77 €

Thinking back, after all if there are the punches, the Cook Outs are not that bad …

Have you already thought about what to begin with?

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